Q: What are the rates/prices?
A: Our rates vary depending on the time and day. Please refer to our price chart for details.

Q: Are there any other fees/costs?
A: A sales tax of 8.875% will also be added to your bill.

Q: What is the minimum amount of time I can reserve a room for?
A: If you are reserving a room in advance, the minimum amount of time you can reserve a room is two hours. The minimum for walk-in customers is one hour.

*Customers who overextend their stay by ten minutes will be charged for thirty minutes.
**Customers who overextend their stay by forty minutes will be charged for one hour.

Q: Is tipping necessary?
A: We implemented a tipping system in order to provide you with quality service. We appreciate tips for room cleanings, drink orders, special arrangements, and additional requests.



Q: What are the capacities of your private rooms?
A: We have a wide array of private rooms that can accommodate all party sizes.

  • Small rooms are recommended for two to three people.
  • Medium rooms are recommended for four to eight people.
  • Large rooms are recommended for ten to fifteen people.
  • Party rooms can hold up to forty people.

Q: Do you take reservations?
A: Yes, the best way to make a reservation is to call with the details of your party (date, time, number of people). Private rooms go fast (especially on Fridays and Saturdays), so don't forget to make reservations in advance.

*Your credit card number is required to make reservations if you have eight or more people in your party.

Q: Can I book a specific room?
A: We try to provide the best available rooms for all of our guests  You may request a specific room, but we can't make any guarantees. We will do our best to accommodate your party's needs.

Q: Is smoking allowed inside the room?
A: No, it is prohibited by law (this includes electronic cigarettes as well).



Q: Are outside beverages allowed?
A: Due to the the policy of our liquor license, outside beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are NOT allowed.

Q: What kind of drinks are available?
A: A full bar with a wide array of drinks are available. Please refer to our drink menu for details. You can either order drinks to your room or visit the bar in the lobby.

*If there's anyone under twenty-one years of age in your party, drinks can only be purchased at the bar. Alcohol will not be served inside the private rooms.

Q: When is last call?
A: Last call for alcohol is at 3:30 AM. Additionally, alcohol will not be permitted inside the private rooms beyond 4:00 AM.

Q: Is outside food allowed?
A: Yes, outside food is allowed. You can also have food delivered from nearby restaurants. Menus from nearby restaurants can be provided upon request.

*Guests must bring their own plates and utensils.

Q: Can I bring a birthday cake?
A: Yes, but don't forget to bring your own plates and utensils.



Q: How often are the songs updated?
A: We update our song list every month. Our updates include the latest releases as well as special customer requests.

Q: Can I request songs?
A: We only accept requests for songs in English. Due to varying circumstances, we can't guarantee that all requested songs will be added. However, we will try our best to accommodate your requests.



Q: Is there an age restriction?
A: Yes, please adhere to our policies regarding customers under twenty-one years of age.

All customers must be at least twenty-one years of age during the following hours:



If there's anyone under twenty-one years of age in your party, alcoholic beverages can only be purchased and consumed at the bar. Alcohol will not be allowed inside the private rooms.

A government issued photo ID is required to enter the establishment.